Who we are?

Ad Valorem Group offers professional and personalized services. We rely on the best expertise across industries and orchestrate the services needed to simplify the lives of the elderly and their loved ones.

Founded in 2018 by Marie-Pierre Beaubien, Ad Valorem Group quickly became an essential partner of the health network. Since the start of the pandemic, it has supplied several million medical devices to Canada and the United States. We were also responsible for providing private COVID-19 testing services for travelers at several airports in Eastern Canada.

Well established in Ouebec and the Atlantic, Ad Valorem Group is made up of an experienced team of health specialists.

Ad Valorem Distribution

Distribution Ad Valorem, a division of China Vision Inc., is a medical device import, export and distribution company. She holds an establishment license from Health Canada, classes I, II, III and IV.

Due to service agreements with private medical clinics, Distribution Ad Valorem is able to identify healthcare professionals who can meet the needs of its clients.